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Posted On: 06/13/2014
Municipalities exist is because it is better for some matters to be taken care of at a local level instead of provincially. There are approximately 3,700 municipal governments across Canada. [...]
Posted On: 06/13/2014
We are going to look at the structure of the Provincial government and its differences from the Federal government. The structure is similar, however the main difference is, the provincial government looks after the needs of just the province. Because of this, each province or territory has its own government. [...]
Posted On: 06/11/2014
The Queen is above all 3 sections of Federal Government Each section of government is its own entity and is separate from the other two sections, but is not separate from the Sovereign. [...]
Posted On: 06/10/2014
These are a few ways that you can communicate with parliament and give your opinion on things that matter to you. Some recommendations are included to help you be as effective as possible. [...]
Posted On: 06/02/2014
Sharia means ‘legislation’ in Arabic. It is a set of rules or a way of living that is practiced by many people all over the world, especially Arabic speaking people. Here is An overview of what Sharia law is and some of it's concepts. [...]