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Bill 28 Voted for unanimously

On November 29th, 2016 the “All Families are equal Act” was passed.

All three parties were present for the vote. 79 were in attendance and 28 missing. All MPS present voted unanimously for it.

The Conservative leader urged his members not to show up if they weren’t going to vote for the bill.

This bill has completely redefined the family. Now, a child can have up to 4 parents. The words: “Mother” and “Father” have been removed. No longer is the term parent exclusive to the biological mother or father or adoptive parents.

This bill is giving homosexual couples the right to be considered a child’s parents if they have arranged for the child to be born.

But what does this mean for the traditional family? The view of traditional family is being destroyed at a rapid rate in our province without the consideration for those who oppose these changes.

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December 1, 2016 at 6:46 pm by admin
Category: Bills