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Bloc Québécois 




Bloc Quebecois Vision overview


Federal Sovereignty

The Bloc Québécois is a party located exclusively in Quebec. It’s vision is to be recognized as a nation at the federal level. They affirm the existence of Quebec as a nation, desire recognition and would like to defend their right to freely choose their future.


Democratic Party

The Bloc Québécois is committed to democratic values. It works in accordance with parliamentary institutions to bring new democratic practices, encouraging representation of all citizens. They intend to work toward informing, training and mobilization of its members, activists and militant separatists.



Their primary mission is the realization of Quebec’s sovereignty. It will be democratic and inclusive of the Anglophone minority and indigenous nations. It works toward the full development of Quebec as a nation. They desire to promote their identity through culture, history and the common language of French. Once sovereignty is realized, they would like an economic and political partnership with the rest of Canada. They are eager to make their identity global in order to develop alliances with other countries and voice their views. They believe by attaining sovereignty, they will be able to defend the interests of Quebec.



The Bloc Québécois believe their presence in Ottawa contributes to spreading the sovereignty movement internationally and abroad.  They are there to denounce any international agreement which affects the interests of Quebec. They believe this paves the way for the necessary international recognition of Quebec, and helps counterbalance Canadian diplomacy which denies the existence of the Quebec people. They intend to bring sustained sovereignty partners from all backgrounds in a collaborative approach leading to Quebec sovereignty.


Leader: Gilles Duceppe


Political Position: Centre-left


Beliefs related to the Bible:


-          Support Homosexuality

-          Support Abortion


Foreign Affairs:


-          Does not support the colonization of Israel.





Bloc Quebecois party focuses mostly on the welfare of the province of Quebec, their whole focus is to separate from Canada and become their own nation. They are mostly liberal in their moral views.




Bloc Quebecois Platform:



Visit their website at: http://www.bloc.org

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