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Progressive Canadiam





Progressive Canadian Party


Progressive Canadian party Vision overview



Good Business – Sustainable Prosperity


They say that economic growth is not the only measure of human achievement but the creation of wealth makes it possible for us to do many things. They seek to create a sustainable economy with true competition and a level playing field. If any one player has too much power then balance is lost. As party they support small business and believe that government must not compete with small businesses. They encourage the “100 mile challenge” which means purchasing from local enterprises. It’s more resourceful and local businesses return far greater amounts to the economy. It fits with our belief that small business is the engine of our economy.





They consider family farms to be a great example of small business. They support the Wheat Board, and desire the equivalent of the CMHC for farmers. They guarantee mortgages to facilitate the housing market.



Global Community


They believe that a well-equipped and highly motivated military is needed. They believe it is the key to keeping our sovereignty and our place in the world.  They state that we need to set a policy that is friendly, but independent of the dominance of any other nation. They want to make a contribution towards world peace by ending the scourge of world hunger and disease in our lifetime. They believe that economic aid and justice are the best weapons against terror.



Investing in Education


We will provide a program of economic support for every student in post-secondary education to ensure that education is accessible for all. Over a period of years we will phase in a tax based program to relieve students of the burden of debt. Providing the graduate stays in Canada for a period of years, and providing the student participates in the tax system, Canadian students will no longer carry debt. They believe this is important to be able to help students become doctors, because doctors are short and it is so expensive to become one.Our program will feature a “head start” to ensure that young children are given an equal opportunity by recognizing some of the challenges in early years that must be addressed



Health Care


They believe that everyone should have access to a One-Tier health system at no cost and that payment will not put someone in from of the line. They believe in doctors as a contributor to small business and the public system. They hope to relieve the shortage of doctors with their education program.



Democratic Deficit, Accountability and Integrity


Keeping promises is essential to faith in democracy. They propose a Contract with Constituents, being clear on what they actually promise and what they will decide on later. They believe that an end to patronage in government must come. That great performance should be rewarded but not poor performance. Ensuring this will restore pride in civil service. They want to start keeping their promises by honoring the Kelowna Accord with First Nations, meeting Kyoto Commitments and provincial government promises.





They believe our natural environment is a treasure and an asset. They believe that water is the oil of the next century. Natural resources need to be protected as they will be our currency on the world stage in the next hundred years. They believe Kyoto is an opportunity to transform our economy, retrofit our infrastructure (especially in cities), clean up our air and water and make this the “wealthiest” country in the world. They believe that we need to prepare for the impact of global warming as well as try to prevent it.



Equality is Not Entitlement but Equality of Opportunity



They believe that the shame of aboriginal and child poverty needs to end. A dollar invested in crime prevention is equal to seven or more spent on criminal justice systems.



Financial Responsibility



They desire to schedule paying off our debt over the next 25 years. We spend approximately 25% of our national tax revenues on social programs such as health and education, yet these programs are not federally audited to ensure that tax dollars are being spent fairly and wisely. It is the duty of the Government of Canada to ensure that all tax dollars collected are spent in a manner that benefits every Canadian. They would like to institute a “Social Auditor” to track and measure spending in social programs.



Support for Local Municipalities



Aging infrastructure and archaic funding formulas threaten the ability of our cities to compete on a world stage. They support the 1 cent solution brought forward by the country’s mayors.


Leader: Sinclair Stevens


Political Position: Centre-Right


Beliefs related to the Bible



-          “A belief in the freedoms of the individual, including freedom of speech, worship and assembly”  –  Taken from the constitution: 3.1.3


-          “On abortion I favour a woman’s right to choose, but do not believe that such a choice can be made lightly. An abortion is always the taking of a life, and is therefore always a sad tragedy. I feel that our society needs to do all it can to reduce the numbers of abortions that take place. Greater educational programs are required, optional counseling service should be highly recommended, and all efforts toward adoption rather than abortion should be pursued. While I accept that in the final analysis we must allow a woman to choose, and provide for it under our universal health care program, I believe that we should have a theoretical goal of eliminating abortions, and a practical goal of reducing their numbers to the greatest extent possible.”


-          “On same-sex marriage/unions, there is no question but that same-sex couples are entitled to a legal agreement that carries with it precisely all of the rights and obligations of heterosexual marriage. But I have yet to be convinced by argument that the principle of the equality of all persons demands that same-sex unions be deemed marriages. In fact, the opposite might be the case. I would argue, and await for a proper rebuttal, that the principle of equality of all persons may well give each person the right to have a word, or name, that defines their specific form of union. Advocates of calling same-sex unions “marriage”, might in my view, be inadvertently promoting the denial of heterosexuals their free and equal rights to choose to name their specific form of union. I would like to hear opinions on this from legal and constitution experts before finally committing myself on the issue of same-sex marriage. But again, same-sex couples are certainly entitled to the equivalent of marriage, at least.”


– Brad Thompson – PC party Candidate for Ottawa South (Both quotes)  http://www.digital-copyright.ca/node/394




Foreign Affairs



-         Not specifically stated on Israel







  • In a sovereign and united Canada;
  • In a federal system of government with strong provincial and territorial governments;
  • In the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Parliamentary Institutions;
  • In our constitutional monarchy;
  • In the Rule of Law;


That prosperity and well-being come from:

  • Free enterprise in a competitive economy;
  • Freedom to enjoy prosperity to the greatest possible extent;
  • The right to own property
  • That government must be fiscally prudent and should be limited in areas of responsibility;
  • That individuals have a responsibility to provide for themselves and their dependants, but that government must always respond to those who require assistance and compassion;
  • A climate where individual initiative is rewarded, excellence is pursued, security and privacy of the individual is provided


  • That Canada must protect our environment


  • That Canada must meet its international obligations


  • That government, and those who represent Canadians, must be ethical and honest

















The “Progressive Conservative Party of Canada” merged with the “Canadian Alliance Party” to create the “Conservative Party of Canada” that we know today.  Members of the original Conservative Party who opposed the merger formed the “Progressive Canadian Party”.  Many consider them “Red Tories” which promote traditional conservatism. They oppose the ideas of welfare and market monopolies. They do state that they believe in freedom of speech and worship, but do not state a specific stance on homosexuality and abortion, due to the varying views in society.


View their website at:   http://www.pcparty.org/


License for letter excerpt: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/legalcode

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