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The Marijuana Party of Canada



The Marijuana Party of Canada vision overview



Legalize Marijuana

The primary purpose of this party is to legalize the use of marijuana; they call it the “Marijuana Legalize Revolution.” This party influences governments to stop criminalizing cannabis!


Good Plant

They believe that cannabis is the single best plant for people. The laws say: “marijuana is almost as bad as murder,” and pot prohibition is the single biggest thing police do. They believe that pot prohibition fits inside of the overall systems of deceitful wars and debt slavery that dominate us!


Tax Credit

Political contribution tax credits are the only material advantage the Marijuana Party has, and thus is the main material reason for them to exist.  They say that if you give them a donation, that you will receive a bigger tax credit from the government.


Leader: Blair Longley


Political Position: Centre-left



Beliefs related to the Bible


- Not stated


Foreign Affairs



- Not stated





Longley’s loophole:







The purpose of the Marijuana Party of Canada is to get Cannabis legalized. They do not have information on many other topics. A large focus is to get people to donate so that they can receive a larger tax credit.


Visit their website at:  http://www.marijuanaparty.ca

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