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Pirate Party of Canada




Pirate Party of Canada Vision overview


State that they are the primer progressive party within Canada. Some people call them the Internet party because they want to protect people’s privacy online, but they represent more causes than that.



Science and reason


The Pirate Party rejects political ideologies in favor of science and reason. Eliminating drug patents and increasing funding to higher education would save our provinces money while decrease the cost of medications for people who currently cannot afford them. They would also like to spend money now to develop nation-wide projects that would create long term growth in GDP and through children who take a higher education.


Leader: Roderick Lim


Political Position: Centre-left



Beliefs related to the Bible



- Not specifically stated.



Foreign Affairs



-          Not specifically stated.















2011 Platform








They seem to be a party that are “Conspiracy Theorists”. They fight to stop online spying by the government and fight for the Canadians right for privacy. They are also interested in stopping the patent of some drugs to make medication cheaper for Canadians and to save the government money. They appear to be a party that is: ”for the people” however based on some articles they’ve published, it doesn’t seem like they are very strict on moral views that are related to the Bible.


Visit their website at:   https://www.pirateparty.ca

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