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The Rhinoceros Party




Rhinoceros Party Overview


This is considered the Second Rhinoceros Party, and it has the same founder as the original.It was founded in Montreal in 2006.

“The Rhinoceros Party of Canada” was founded in 1965 and ran until 1993. The first campaign the party ran included this slogan: “We promise not to keep any of our promises.” They proceeded to promise outrageous things, for a comedy aspect. They say their logo of a Rhinoceros is perfect because politicians, by nature, are “thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, can move fast as **** when in danger, and have large, hairy horns growing out of the middle of their faces.” The members of the party claimed to be spiritual descendants of a Brazilian Rhinoceros named Cacareco. Cacareco was elected as a member of city council in Sao Paulo’s city in 1958. He listed a rhinoceros from the Granby Zoo named “Cornelius the First” as it’s leader.


Leader: Sébastien Corriveau

Political Position: Satire


Beliefs related to the Bible


- Not stated


Foreign Affairs


- Not stated





The Rhinoceros Party doesn’t have a vision or a list of principles. On their website they spend time telling you how they are trying to make the website. They have random pictures and videos that do not seem to have a purpose. They state that they are slow moving and still figuring out their direction. Their page describing their party is a video of a Rhino. They have often been called the “joke party” and have never received any seats.


View their website at:  www.neorhino.ca

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