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The United Party of Canada



United Party of Canada Vision overview






The United Party of Canada exists because we see a need to renew the union that Canada represents. They desire to bring all the regions and all the people of Canada together to form a union that will bring the interests and opinions of all Canadians to the forefront of Canadian politics.They believe the current political parties do not represent the Canadian people, but only exist to attain power in order to preserve their own self-interest. They state that their new party is the only means to offer Canada a new direction for the 21st Century and hope to get supporters from all parties, including people that haven’t been voting.




All Canadians



They state that they represent all Canadians no matter who they are or their situation. They stand for all common Canadian citizens no matter their political, philosophical or ethnic background. They desire to change today’s focus from the vocal minorities and the political elite, to include all Canadians.







As caretakers of our environment and wildlife, they stand up for the environment while making sure that advances in environmental progress do not make a substantial negative impact on our economy. Economic renewal is closely linked to the environment.







They stand up for individual freedom, including freedom of speech, assembly, and self-determination.  They recognize that with such freedom comes responsibility. They want to put an end to the divisive politics and broaden their membership. They believe that the more diverse their membership, the better they can accomplish all of these goals.



 Leader: Bob Kesic


Political Position: Centre



Beliefs related to the Bible



“Abortion: The woman must have the right to an educated choice. Funding must be made available to those who choose adoption over abortion.”




Foreign Affairs



- Not stated















They do not have a specific moral agenda, but rather desire for all Canadians to be unified. For this reason, it would seem that they would need to be open in their views. They seem to be interested in representing all Canadians and taking care of the economy and environment.



Visit their website at: http://www.unitedpartyofcanada.com/

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